Monday, April 18, 2011

Anything can be changed...

I thought of composing this article as a feedback for "Story of Three People Who Overcome Poverty" Actually, the society in which we live is full of hard to understand as well hard to believe issues. In our day to day lives we come across various facts which we even can not imagine of. But in this world anything can happen. People who were in the climax of wealth gradually retards; in the mean time people who were in the deep ends of poverty gradually rise. I am also willing to present about a few of those world famous personalities who raised wiping the tears of poverty. They had clearly proved "Anything can be changed on our wish"

        Marshall Bruce Marthers

The name may be somewhat unfamiliar to most of you. But I think the figure is much casual. Yes, it is Eminem. Eminem is the stage name used by him while Marshall is his actual name. Today it is pretty much obvious that he leads a luxurious life. But he raised through poverty. His childish memories were based around  poverty. His father abandoned the family when he was just 18 months. His mother cared for him only, but they were in serious poverty. He was unable even to gain a proper education. But he understood the person within him. He is now successful and he really proved poverty is something that can be left.    

                                                                                                Abraham Lincoln

 A world famous personality, Abraham Lincoln, a well mannered American President. He was able to achieve a higher position , a normal person can not even imagine of. But all the same he was also full of the traces of poverty. From his childhood he seriously suffered from poverty. His initial home is known to be as a single log cabin. Which simply means a house with just a one room. He was just able to have an 18 months education, approximately. Furthermore, his mother passed away when he was nine years. His initial carrier was as an axeman building rail fences. But imagine, how he lead his life. How he drove his path from being an axeman to a President.

                 Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, or as all know Mother Teresa is also a similar personality. She selected the correct path to gain her spiritual satisfaction and also to help out the poor. She left home for her religious life when she was 18 years and never saw her mother and sister again. Her father died when she was just 9 years. She while emerging out from the poverty, helped the others also to stand on their feet. For over 45 years she was engaged in helping the poor and the sick

The main aspect is anything can be changed. Only the dedication and the hope is required. Distribute this idea; anything can be changed. So, keep moving forward...

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