Tuesday, April 19, 2011

do you know about poverty ?


poverty is lack of basic human needs , such as fresh water , nutrition , health , education , shelter , because of inability to afford them.There are different types of poverty in the world such as, same degree poverty, absolute poverty, relative poverty and subjective poverty.Absolute poverty is the case where people lack basic human needs and it is the worst type of poverty.


Poverty has many causes; some of them are very basic. The primary factors that may lead to poverty are overpopulation, the unequal distribution in world economy, inability to meet high standards of living or high cost of living, inadequate employment and education opportunities, environmental degradation, certain economic and demographic trends and welfare incentives.


Many of the local citizens faces the problem of famine and lack of lodging, one common example is India. Therefore together with these problems that I have mentioned above, there is also a lack of hygiene and this favors the proliferation of various harmful bacteria which resulting in the development of diseases such as cholera, malaria, etc... . as above because of these reasons I have mentioned many people face even for the death , mostly the children.

Secondly the lack of education can be seen , in my view those who does not even have a shelter, who are facing famine, how will they be able to afford paying for education? Education may also be the last preoccupation and such type of people does not value education mostly.

Furthermore, poverty also leads to violence in the society an even in homes. Poverty is very often the cause of high rates of divorce, family failures and also prostitution. Nowadays we people are forced to live a highly materialistic life and those who are unable to cope with that situation are even ready to kill, to fill their objectives.

  1. Republic of the Congo (GDP – per capita: $300)

  2. Republic of Liberia (GDP – per capita: $500)

  3. Republic of Zimbabwe (GDP – per capita: $500)

  4. The Solomon Islands (GDP – per capita: $600)

  5. Republic of Somalia (GDP – per capita: $600)

  6. Union of the Comoros (GDP – per capita: $600)

  7. Guinea-Bissau (GDP – per capita: $600)

  8. Central African Republic (GDP – per capita: $700)

  9. Niger (GDP – per capita: $700)

  10. Ethiopia (GDP – per capita: $700)



There are some steps that can be taken to reduce poverty !!!!
  • Improving supplies of clean water, to reduce time spent gathering often foul water and reduce illness caused by foul water supplies.
  • Improving the supply of accessible, affordable health care information and services, to reduce the vulnerability to disease of children and the elderly especially.
  • Improving the training and equipment of farmers in poor countries related to agriculture and natural resource management, to help increase crop yields and conserve the environment.
so I think that we must help people that who suffer with the "poverty" to overcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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