Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aspects of Poverty...

Poverty is a global issue. But most of us know only a certain side of poverty. But not all around aspects. Some may think of poverty in their ideal ways. Most may think, poverty means being unable to buy whatever we want. In the sense it is correct. But any of the others may think poverty means not gaining the education, sanitary and so on. It is also really correct. But then why two addresses for the same thing? Well, keep on reading, then you will realize why is that?

Actually there are two major divisions when considering the term "Poverty" ;

  • Non - income poverty
  • Income poverty 

Non - Income Poverty

This means the people have a sufficient  amount of money to survive. But they do not have the sufficient access to any other basic needs. When people do not have education, sanitary, health, infrastructure facilities, this condition belongs to non - income poverty. People becoming displaced and feeling not secure due to wars and so on also belongs to this condition.

The best way to avoid this type of poverty is to be handled by the government. Provision of good infrastructure and strong laws will work fine under this

Income Poverty

This happens due to a poor economy of a family. Quality of their life is not good under this. No acceptable nourishment, proper clothes and also fine shelter. Simply, noway to buy the essentials. Income poverty is the main asset that deals with hunger. This can result in outgrowths and early deaths.     

This also can be avoided. But the means of avoiding is related with non - income poverty. Having proper education to eliminate unemployment is the best remedy for this.


Hands up for eliminating poverty... 

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