Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to support People to Overcome Poverty?

For many people, POVERTY is an issue only seen on television from their comfortable homes or to some it is just a lecture given by some knowledgeable authority.
But it is a completely different story to the people who are forced to live with it everyday. Sometimes overcoming poverty is their min difficulty. But there are ways to help and support people to break free from poverty's firm grip. Without discussing solutions to this issue in Air-conditioned rooms, Anti-poverty organizations and other people need to be active.They should move with the people who have been the pray of poverty.

There are some ideas which will be useful for some one who will volunteer to help poor people,
  1. Talk to those people to understand their needs without diminishing their pride. Always make them feel that you are with them.
  2. Basically poverty enhance due to the lack of co-ordination & support by Government bodies. So people all-around the globe have a duty to use their vote to elect a proper party in to the power. Eg: Support legislation that aims to provide education support to people in poverty.
  3. Be a volunteer to help poor people to overcome their basic difficulties. For example help to rebuilt proper house for them or even if you are in a position to increase the level of education of poor children by conducting small classes, it will be a great help for them. At least the issue of poverty will not be transfered in to there next generation.
  4. Share a success story with those who are under the grip of poverty. Tell them bout great persons who began their lives in the bottom of poverty & traveled towards the top of succession. That will increase their courage to face any problem that come to them when they engage in the process of overcoming poverty. This talking ill build up a saying in their hearts as "IF THEY CAN DO IT WE ALSO CAN".
  5. Not only that help them with clothes & other facilities until they come to a stable position. Receiving a worm coat or a comfortable pair of shoes can help lift the spirits of someone in desperate need.

These are some primary level steps that one could follow to help people who re under the firm grip of "POVERTY"