Tuesday, April 19, 2011


World Economic Poverty

World economic poverty is a much-talked about subject the world over. It is not a new problem. We have been experiencing this problem from time immemorial. But since of late, it has grown by leaps and bounds to uncontrollable proportions, and now it has become a formidable global predicament. What is more ridiculously ironical about it is that the problem has been aggravated and complicated by man himself.

According to accepted norms and economic indices, some countries and nations have been categorized as being poor. Some of them are placed even below the poverty line. According to this categorization, there are rich and well-to-do countries, but it is a well-known secret that there are very poor people even in these affluent countries. Hence, the problem of global poverty is rather a much complicated and multi-faceted one for which the domineering rich countries are directly responsible.

The whole world is becoming increasingly poor owing to a host of reasons such as wrong economic policies, lack of strategic planning, exploitation, greed for power, selfish ruling systems, disunity among nations, abuse of science and technology, environmental pollution and so on.

When poverty hits a country, it affects education and health and all aspects of social welfare in that country. It gives rise to unemployment, high cost of living, very poor living conditions, social unrest and steep decline in development and production. As a result of undeniable social and political instability, weak and unstable governments come into power. This leads to collapse of successive governments making that country even poorer. Likewise, nations are being rendered poor and helpless. This is the stark reality of the world’s economic crisis whether we like it or not. Rich nations or the so called super powers are not willing to accept this reality. They deliberately ignore the truth and the gravity of the problem. Selfish and vicious economic policies of the rich nations are directly responsible for this crisis. Poverty thus creates thousands of complicated problems in a country and the ruling parties and even the other nations including various world bodies are unable to solve such problems in any way unless the whole political and economic system is restructured for the benefit of mankind.

Some countries are naturally poor as a direct result of the unequal distribution of resources. If the rich countries are ready to share with and help the poor nations, poverty could be alleviated to a greater extent. But it is a pity that they are not ready to do so. When people die of hunger in a certain country, some countries destroy their excess harvest just to secure the market and stabilize the price of their produce. It is more wicked that vast bulks of food crops are being used in some countries to generate fuel when lot of people are dying of starvation in some parts of the world.

Rich nations thoroughly enjoy themselves with all comforts in lavishing affluence. Nevertheless, they have very little or no concern at all towards the poor nations. They exploit the rest of the world directly and indirectly misusing their power and other capabilities to ensure their satisfaction and enjoyment. In so doing, they shamelessly deny the poor nations, the right to live. What an injustice?

The rich or more developed countries destroy the world in the name of so called development abusing scientific and technological advancements. The outcome of this short-sighted folly is destruction of the nature resulting in excessive global warming, intolerable greenhouse effect, drastic climatic changes, large scale environmental pollution and self destruction in the long run. It is the poor nations that are most adversely affected by these merciless and indiscreet high-handed actions. They are made poor and poor for no fault of theirs. What a pity? They pay the highest compensation at the expense of their lives.

Rich nations are overwhelmed by their greed for power. They are being driven by sheer selfishness. They are determined to achieve their target by hook or by crook. Their sole intention is to acquire more and more. To fulfill this, they lie; they steal in secret; they rob in public; they invade; they loot; they grasp; they capture; they attack; they suck the life blood of poor nations and kill them at last. In fact, this is how nations are made poor in the world.

To solve this problem, man should be willing to live and let others live. For that, he should be kind, generous and selfless. He should have a better understanding of his fellow people and admit that they also have an equal right to live in this world. He should be committed to uphold the lives of others.

All the nations should live up to these lofty ideals. Can we possibly be happy and proud as a nation, when in fact some nations are struggling to survive under trying circumstances, as a direct result of our follies, mistakes and faults? If we are determined and really interested as countries, nations and peoples, we can by all means eradicate global poverty and make the world a better and more pleasant place to live. What is necessary is genuine love and respect towards other nations. So, let us change our attitudes and work with strong commitment and determination to live together in harmony as one single nation by mutually helping and sharing what we have with others.

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