Monday, April 18, 2011

Choose Your Way...

"POVERTY" It is just a single word with seven letters. Anyone who r
efers to find it's meaning will think like that. Definitely it is a s
mall 07 letters word but it cannot be named as a single word. Because word like unemployment, ill- literacy, unhappiness, malnutrition, always accompany the word "poverty". Further more "poverty" ill not be a single word to people whom experiencing the meaning of this word. My friends and I provided lots of articles
with reasons for poverty and how to overcome poverty. Now let's talk about the effects of poverty on subjected persons and on the entire society.
I remember two lines that the Indian novelist Anita Desai has written in her novel "Village by the sea"....
"It was wonderful to earn money..... Money made everything possible" The central issue of that novel is poverty. But at the end of the story the dedication an hard work of the two main characters carry them away from Poverty. On that occasion a main character asserts these lines. It is true that money is the dominant thing which make evry single thing possib
le. That's why we all say, "Money is the brother of God" Although poverty depend on many matters, main point which enhance poverty is money. Any how poverty is a huge issue which can act in both ways; good & Bad on man. We
can get handful of examples for the instances where poverty has effected badly on people's lives. If we conduct a research on thieves and criminals, definitely we will get a big percentage on the side that people, whom suppose to be doctors, engineers & managers are suffering their time in prisons.

If a family endure poverty they will come across handful of difficulties. As they suffer from it day by day, the parents will not in a position to send their children to school. Then they will become adults without the knowledge that other peopl
e of their age have got. Definitely this money & education based society will never supply them jobs to support their day today needs. Then of course when the hunger comes to unbearable position, when their other needs jumps over the tolerable limit they will forced to steal & do anything to earn money. It will produce a thief or a murderer to the society. If we ask from criminal, why did you do that? Some will say that because of hunger, Some may say because of their mother's or father's sickness, some even will say that to earn money to do their sister's or brother's wedding. They have got all the troubles because of Poverty. If their economy level was stable they might never think about doing these kind of crimes.
However poverty doesn't handover bad personalities every time to the society. Sometimes the issue "Poverty" makes great personalities whom we are unable to forget in our lifetime. This happen because even though people who are subjected to poverty let go all the ways of freeing from this issue, Some dedicated persons make their encouraging point as"POVERTY". They are motivated by Poverty. They always think and find ways to challenge poverty because they want to be free from this i
n future. Such personalities always
win & Become popular in the world. So that implies that any person can win the world no matter whether he is in the bottom of poverty.
So poverty can change the life of a person in both ways. Poverty can be the motivating factor of a person to get succession or poverty can be a destructive factor which drag the person towards the evil.

So choosing the correct path is on your hand...........

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