Monday, April 11, 2011

Did you feel the same?

Almost all of us have witnessed people living with poverty. Most often the clothes they wear would be torn or old. Most probably they may have pathetic complexions. Less food and every time nearly suffering from hunger. In the mean time, we may feel that how sorrowful to live like that. Oh! if we had to live like that and go begging everywhere, and so on.

But. there is something really we do not see. It is the aspect which causes the most serious damage and pain to those people. It is their mentality.

What is their mentality? What are their emotions? How terrible is it to feel useless and to feel that they are isolated by most of the ones in the society. Feeling that no one cares about them. Innocence felt when a tinted shutter rolls down and give them a coin or two. Feeling that no one is there to weep on them when they are gone. Also no funeral rituals to them rather than buried underneath the ground by the government. There will be none to visit their graves (or no graves) and place flowers there. To feel completely alone, and not only that but forsaken even.  

Most of we, people do not feel the same about them. Our ears are closed, eyes are closed, hearts are forbidden access to the outer environment. Most of us make excuses, "it is there fault to happen like that" But in my opinion it is not an admirable excuse. Some others may think "they spend uselessly the money we give" Such things happen. But all the time don't stick to the same idea. Because, all are not the same; actually one is different from another.

Our life is short. We are not needed to act as dumb, deaf or blind in that short period. So, drink a glass of water, take a deep breath. Then memorize, "is it correct the way I live?" If not you've got time to correct it. Start caring the poor.  

Sometimes you also may be not able to do it financial-wise. But don't worry. Still you have many ways to help them. I will give some ways and means. What you can do is help them spiritually. Let me tell you. You may be a teacher, for an example. So you can give some children free education. You may be a bank worker. You can organize a long term loan for them to start a self vocational mean of income. You may be a rehabilitation officer. So you can draw the attention of the government for them. So it means there are various ways. Think practically, then you will definitely find some solutions.

Let’s start doing it today, because it might be late tomorrow.
OK, now go on...


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