Monday, April 18, 2011

Story Of Three People Who Overcome Poverty

Success and financial prosperity is not just a privilege of the chosen few, nor of those born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Abundance is not limited to just a few people. Ordinary people such as yourself can easily achieve abundance if you believe you can.

Indeed, when you say abundance it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is limited or achievable only by rich and famous people. Ordinary people like you and me can also experience abundance if we actually desire so. Not to mention that if we actually work hard for it, we too can be abundant in so many ways. The starting key to this journey is: TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Let us talk about the following people who in spite of their situation were able to make themselves rise above it and are now living life full of success and are considered to be wealthy:

J.K. Rowling – Who doesn’t know this remarkable separated single mom once almost desperate? We all know her as the famous Harry Potter series writer. But did you know that she wasn’t always rich? That it took her cafe after another cafe to actually finish her first book? Her book were also rejected, things did not actually turn good for her overnight. It was her faith and belief that what she has written is worth sharing to this world. Now, J. K. Rowling is worth over $1.1 Billion not to mention that she was able to sold over 400 million books across the globe. Sounds incredible and Herculean? No way, you too can follow her footsteps in so many ways.

Chris Gardner – This man’s life is extra commendable! His name may not be familiar to you, but if you have seen the movie “In pursuit of Happiness” you will remember him. Chris basically lost everything, his wife, the money he saved and invested in medical supplies, his home and his everything except for his child. He did not let his situation drown him. Instead he uses that as his motivation to achieve abundance in life. When every one else had turn their backs to getting second chances, Chris strived and struggled to make things right not just for him, but mainly for the sake of his child. Now Chris is a successful businessman, and this can be attributed to his hard work and faith, that something good will come his way as well. Isn’t it great to know ordinary people who are inspired by this very story of Mr. Gardner? Why don’t you follow his great feat!

Oprah Winfrey - Now, who doesn’t know about famous Oprah? Even kids today know about her. But did you know that before she became a big star, that she was actually from a poor family? She was born to teenagers who gave her to her grandmother because of poverty. Her grandmother is poor as well, hence at some point; she was given back to her mother again. Oprah was once a rebel, but she was a good student. She strived hard to achieve where she is now.

Truly, you can never tell what the future may bring to you, yet you can make it as bright as you want it to be. These people are only a dot in the list of successful rags to riches stories. Now, if they were able to achieve abundance despite of their poverty, why can’t we? We actually can bring abundance to our lives, only and if only we will welcome it. Not to mention that if we too work hard and never give up like them, we indeed can achieve greatness and abundance as well.

Moreover, let us always remember this, “life is too short for us to waste it.” Life is too precious for us not make it great. Best of all, we only get to live this life once. So why waste it? Why allow poverty to ruin it for us? When all of us can easily beat poverty with hard work; determination; patience; positive thinking and by believing that you are born great, strive now or never

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  1. if these people can make their lives full of success other's who are in poverty can also recover from it. So don't waste time. Just start it now. Who knows what life brings to us. Work hard who knows may be tomorrow will be your lucky day.....

  2. Yea.. Start it now, tomorrow may be late if not...