Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cause for poverty - Crime???

Oops, Not exactly.

There is crime related with both the rich and poor sectors. It depends from person to person whether poverty is a cause for crime. Sometimes it may be, sometimes it may be not. What decides the answer for above question is society and culture. Though people suffer from poverty their moral can be in a higher standard. They may know crime is not accepted by the society and it is non-virtuous to engage in criminal acts. In the mean time some other sufferers from poverty may think, rich always make us worry. They show off to us. In good or bad means they earn but we do not. etc... So some may be compelled from their hearts to engage in crime. 

There are certain theories related with poverty and crime. But all of these depend on the mentality, morality of the people. For a moment think of you as poor man. You may see a very rich man with a luxurious house, nice wife, expensive vehicle, quality clothes and so on. Some may feel "if I also can attain such things" and think that the only way for me to do that is being a criminal. On the other hand someone else may think "Useless thinking of those. I can not have such things". The way the person thinks, the way their lives are drawn to.

You may have witnessed some people done crimes using their poverty as the excuse. But all the same there are many noble people who have achieved success in their lives ignoring their poverty. We come across both the types of people in our everyday life. There are many internationally reputed people also who have selected the correct paths in their lives. For an example; Abraham Lincoln. He is a marvelous personality. He was able to have a grade 1 education only. But disregarding all those he made his life good. Mentality affects the way of a persons behavior. But it is the society and culture which affects the mentality.  

The fact which I am going to present next is a globally accepted issue; Children develop their values and social culture from the environment within which they are raised. Their emotional intelligence is shaped by the quality of care and attention they receive from a baby to approximately ten years of age. So if we really need to avoid crimes occurring in the interface of poverty, what we have to do is to raise out the people from Psychological Poverty. An absence of strong family values and morals usually lead people to become ruthless.

So what I was in need of mentioning is, in my point of view poverty is not a direct cause for crimes neither an excuse.

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