Saturday, April 9, 2011

Say "BYE"

     Poverty in the sense is a devil for the human community. So it is our bound duty to do our best in order to eradicate that aspect. At a glance it may seems that it is an impossible effort. But, no, there are many things that can be done to succeed in our target. What we can do may look like sorts of silly things. But think deep. You will realize what I present is not false almost.

     Most of the aspects we have to follow are either of spiritual or social significance. In earlier posts me and my friends have mentioned that an unstable and weak economy are is key factor for causing poverty. So here, almost all the factors deal with economy directly or indirectly.

     Illiteracy causes for unemployment. Unemployment causes for poverty; this poverty cycle continues and it is we who have to stop that. So for the good sake, the initial aspect is to have education when possible. I say so, some people really do not have the opportunity to get the education. But some people do not pay attention into though they really have the opportunity to do it. I mean for them, have the education when you have the chance. So nothing to fear about economy as there is nothing to fear about unemployment and illiteracy.

     Get married  confused embarrassed very happy Seems to be funny, huh? Well, no it is not. Don't take the funny side. The moral is always two incomes are better than one. So it will furthermore ensure your economy. Both can share their bills, cut off unwanted expenses and so on. This is a significant deterrent for Poverty.

     Delay having children until you get a good job (Yea.. I know this isn't a counseling blog talk ) But the fact is having children too young is the best shortcut for poverty. Children are a very big responsibility. You have to dedicate much of your time as well economy on the welfare of them. So the best thing is to have a strong economic foundation before children.

     These facts may seem so simple and sarcastic for some of the readers. But think twice or even more. You will then understand what I meant. If we can follow these things we can surely ensure that no poverty will appear newly. None of these are difficult to do. 

Have Education > Get Married > Delay having children till your economy is strong

Work out with intelligence. So you can say "Bye Poverty" applause 

Hey!!!.... Not "See ya" no
Reference; "Make Poverty History" Foundation

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